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Body by YOUR DNA  seeks to introduce people to the benefits of DNA Technology in fitness, training and general well-being. We use real science to provide a unique health and fitness plan with a supplement program, workout routine and diet changes based on YOU and YOUR DNA

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The human genome is made up of DNA, which contains the gentic information essential for our body's development and functioning. At its core, genes are simply a DNA sequence of letter bases: A, T, G and C's  Across individuals, 99.9% of this genetic sequence is identical.  However, in each gene there are also points of variations between people known as "single" neculeotide polymorphisms (SNP'S) DNAPower analyzes these gentic variation that are scientifically proven to be associated with health conditions, nutrition and fitness

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By understanding our genetic profile, we can make smarter lifestyle choices to life a healthier life. The earlier we know about our genetic makeup the easier it is to plan a focused diet and fitness program that is customized for our unique body. Our tests target a number of genetic variations scientifically proven to impact health. We provide you with insight into your unique genetic code, which will help you to learn more about how your body responds to certain diets and exercises and take action to optimize your health

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Our Experience: Our lab has been providing DNA testing for health, diet and fitness since 2008

Our Lab: Our highly experienced Canadian lab where an expert team personally processes your DNA

Our Service: We are dedicated to service, providing easy to understand results, with a professional team ready to provide you with personalized programs for your DNA


Need to get a better understanding of our DNA report and how to navigate all the information about YOU? We will explain it in detail as well as give you supplement and nutrition suggestions that fit you and YOUR body. No cookie cutters :)