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Why the H2 Series Water Ionizers are the Best.

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The focus on water ionizer performance is shifting to now include hydrogen (H2) along with alkalinity (pH) and ionization (-ORP). The water ionizer cell - the engine for creating hydrogen rich water - has two components: electrodes and (ion exchange) membranes. Performance has historically been focused only on the electrodes. H2Infusion Technology is based on the fact that membranes are as critical to water ionizer performance as the electrodes. Other alkaline ionizer manufacturers buy their membranes from outside sources. In comparison, our H2Infusion membranes are made in-house and are ultrasonically pressed rather than chemically bonded like everyone else’s. This provides you with a distinctly superior membrane, designed to work specifically with our electrodes, giving you a hydrogen water maker with unmatched performance. When you marry our advanced SmartDesign Electrodes to our H2Infusion Membranes, the result is H2Infusion Technology and that means better pH, -ORP and H2 performance – especially at the lower, better tasting pH levels most people drink.



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