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Why do most health plans fail to help people reach their goals

Tired of spending $300-$500 on supplements, meal plans, coaching? Only to have it fail?  Even if it works, it only works for a bit, then you plateau, or worse .....  go back to where you started! 

  • Why don't other plans work?

  • Why don't your friends plans work for you?

  • What is the difference in diet plans, fitness plans, health plans? 

  • Is it your digestion?

  • Your moon sign?

  • Your blood type? 

There is something about YOU that makes YOU unique from everyone else and we can LITERALLY map out a plan for you that YOUR body  CAN and WILL respond to,  that will give you results for LIFE !

AND I'll tell you all this in just a sec...... 

Here are a few forgotten principles we've forgotten as people.....

Years ago, we knew it so well, it was actually woven into the fabric of society because mothers would pass this principle on to their daughters, and they would practice using it on their sons and daughters, keeping them as healthy as they could.  

We've become much more advanced today, but this principle has been forgotten. 

AND, if all we did was bring that principle back and integrate it with the advancements in science and technology, we'd have such a better LIFE! 

- that principle is living in harmony with Nature

REMEMBER when I said there's something that makes YOU UNIQUE from EVERYone else? 

That 'thing' is called DNA

AND, it contains the codes that NATURE gave YOU

All we need to do is find out what that code says

That's HOW we find out what NATURE says about YOU, THEN, we can find the foods, programs, rountines EVEN medicines that are in harmony with YOUR nature!!

DNA Practitioner Carmen Tocheniuk 

Carmen Tocheniuk, the DNA Diva, is a pioneer in the DNA industry. She discovered DNA testing in 2008 and was one of the first in the world to use it with her clients to improve their health and fitness results. Carmen is a 3-time Canadian body-building physique champion, an International Federation of BodyBuilding (IFBB) PRO and a leading and respected personal fitness trainer and nutritionist. Carmen became involved in fitness to support her recovery after a devastating car accident as a teenager that left her with a broken back and in a body brace for a year. She is dedicated to helping people maximize their diet and fitness results through DNA knowledge.

What will my DNA 'do' for me? 

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